Israeli App Warns of Rocket Attacks from Gaza

by Rachel Baker on July 15, 2014

This is worth posting and getting the word out. Hopefully, one less person will die in a rocket attack if people know about this app.

Israelis have found a new way to learn of imminent rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip in the form of a mobile phone app.

Hamas militants have fired more than 1,000 rockets from Gaza at Israeli cities in the past week. Typically, air raid sirens blare and residents have between 15 and 90 seconds to head to bomb shelters and safe rooms in their homes.

Many have also downloaded an application called Red Alert to their phones that also warns of incoming rockets.

“The initial thought was to help people in the south. We didn’t think we would need to help people in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but we do,” said Ari Sprung, a co-developer of the app.

Israeli App Warns of Rocket Attacks from Gaza

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