PCalc Updated With A Number Of Improvements

by Rachel Baker on May 28, 2014

Great news for iOS users. The PCalc has been updated for those of you who use it. Looks like there are some great improvements made.

PCalc, one of the most powerful calculator apps for iOS, has just received another major update.

In September last year, PCalc was updated to version 3.0 with a new design for iOS 7 and other improvements. The following November, it was updated to version 3.1 with 64-bit support and more improvements.

Now, PCalc has gone 3.2 through its latest update, which, as expected, delivers another round of improvements.

First and foremost, PCalc 3.2 features a new core calculator, which has been updated to match that of PCalc for Mac.

It also features smart search for conversions, constants, and functions, allowing you to, say, enter “£ to $” to convert pounds to dollars.

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