Sleep Under the Stars with this Smartphone Planetarium Projector

by Rachel Baker on July 2, 2014

If the only reason you plan camping trips is to do a bit of star-gazing, now, you can stay in the air-condition and be thankful for no mosquitos with this awesome smartphone personalized planetarium projector.

Was your stargazing excursion ruined by a cloudy sky? Is your favorite constellation drowned out by city lights? You need Luna in your life. This app-enabled, indoor planetarium connects to your mobile device to projects the night’s sky on your walls and ceiling. No matter where you are, you can view your local sky in real time or travel to a galaxy far, far away (no spaceship required!). This educational toy also lets you to identify and zoom in on various stars, moons, and planets.

Inventor Roy Johnson dreamed of exploring the cosmos from his couch, so he thought up Luna. With the help of 40 community influencers, it’s finally becoming a reality. Want to pitch in? Head over to the portfolio page now to help us pick a price!

Here’s the Article:
Connect with the cosmos: Introducing… Luna!

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