Teaching Kids to Eat Better through Farts

by Rachel Baker on June 14, 2014

Kids love fart jokes!
– Ted Brannigan says in “Hearts of Atlantis”

Public health messaging often takes the form of boring posters or ineffective scare tactics. But while lots of people might ignore that subway ad on the dangers of the Big Gulp, nearly everyone cares about farts. Hence, the Fart Code app: A barcode scanner that will tell you about, say, the lactose or fiber content of that protein bar you’re about to eat. You can even share the rank of your fart (ranging from “stinky” to “toxic”) with your friends!

The app comes by way of creative trio Chris Allick, Hanna Wittmark, and Pablo Rochat, the collective brain behind projects like Touch Room and Lick This. Originally, advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners tasked them with riffing off of a teaser for a Nickelodeon show that focused heavily on farts.

“Pablo was talking about how it would be really funny if we could capture kids’ farts and put them in a can, but then we started talking about food and it veered toward nutrition,” Allick says. “And then we thought, let’s scan food, show them what’s in the food, and how it makes them fart.”

Here’s the full article:
Cutting Through Nutrition Hot Air By Teaching Kids How To Eat Better–Through Their Farts

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