Artist Hangouts Open to the Public

by Rachel Baker on May 12, 2014

There’s something nostalgic in most of us that makes us want to visit the places our favorite dead people parts of their lives.

Here is a wonderful post with sixteen places you can go that some very famous artisans also spent time. Maybe if you are lucky, you will find a pocket of residual creative energy to inspire your own next creative work.

Since the days of Hemingway and Faulkner, bars and cafes where writers, painters and performance artists go to procrastinate have often caught the public’s imagination.

The romance of the artist’s hangout is irresistible.

From rivalries fermented over drinks to witty one-liners exchanged by Dorothy Parker and her well read pals — “Their pooled emotions wouldn’t fill a teaspoon” — these are the places of a struggling artist’s networking dreams.

Even better, some of the most iconic artist hangouts and literary pubs continue to welcome patrons today.

Artist Hangouts

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