Chris Rock – What’s killing comedy. What’s saving America.

by Rachel Baker on December 1, 2014

When one thinks Chris Rock, one doesn’t really start off with how intelligent he is, or how smart his comedy is – because he’s a great everyman. He’s the guy who can make you laugh and then make you think, and them make you laugh again, forgetting that you even had a moment of reflection. But he sows the seeds of thought-provoking conversations all over the country, and rarely do people realize their thought came from something Chris Rock said. But there it is. It happens. And Frank Rich has just shared with us an amazing conversation that should make you laugh, then think, then laugh again – but unlike his comedy, you will end with reflection due to the length and depth of this conversation.

The article was originally published in the December 1st issue of New York Magazine, and then posted on the web at

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What’s killing comedy. What’s saving America.

The last time Frank Rich had a conversation with Chris Rock was in early 1996, when they and the 1950s teen heartthrob Pat Boone were thrown together in a New York television studio as panelists on Bill Maher’s old show Politically Incorrect. This time they had two conversations in a New York hotel lounge as Rock prepared for the release of Top Five, a bittersweet film comedy in which he does triple duty as director, screenwriter, and star.

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