E3 is Here Again!

by Rachel Baker on June 6, 2014

If your a gamer, this time of year is almost better than Christmas. This is when all the gaming companies come out and tell us what will be launching at Christmas (which is why it isn’t better than christmas, but close).

Here is a great round up of what to expect from this year’s E3.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo returns to its usual stomping grounds in Los Angeles next week, and I’ll be there for you to take it all in and tell you what’s what.

There’s no question that, with every passing year, E3 represents less and less of the videogame space. It’s all about big blockbuster console games, and there are fewer of them every year. It’s not that E3 is irrelevant. In fact, for those remaining makers of multimillion-dollar projects—Activision will be spending half a billion dollars on Destiny, one of just three games at its E3 stand this year—E3 is perhaps more important than ever. If you’re not going to make a big splash at an ostentatious trade show for your $500 million game, how else do you expect to convince an unprecedented number of people to buy it? The game publisher THQ’s no-show at E3 in 2012 was a prelude to its declaration of bankruptcy and subsequent disappearance.

But the nature of E3 has changed. Time was, you could wander around the show floor labyrinth created by the dozens of games each publisher would bring and find fascinating things you’d never heard of. How many people first laid eyes on Katamari Damacy after taking a wrong turn in Namco’s booth in 2004?

That can’t happen at today’s E3, when publishers are in a battle over who can publish the fewest videogames. For the most part, we’ve already heard about these games, we may have already played these games and many of them certainly aren’t markedly different from last year’s version. E3 seems less like a place to discover new things and more of a ritual that must be observed, a sacrifice to the gaming gods to ensure a bountiful harvest this Black Friday.

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What the Heck Is Going to Happen at E3 This Year?

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