Freud’s Auerbachs acquired by the UK

by Rachel Baker on May 21, 2014

Nope, not Sigmund Freud, though the picture at the link looks like something that would have fascinated him. We are talking about Lucian Freud, who was a German-born British painter. Here’s the tie-in to Sigmund though: From wikipedia: his works are noted for their psychological penetratino and for their often discomforting examination of the relationship between artist and model.

I know…aren’t you dying to look…?  The link below is about Freud’s collection of Frank Auerbach paintings.  Here’s a link to Freud’s paintings.

The pictures, including Head of Gerda Boehm (above), will be on display at the Manchester Art Gallery first, and then Tate Britain. Then, decisions will be made as to which institutions will get them on a permanent basis. So – curators – get your bids in, if you’re interested… More details here.

The inheritance tax foregone by the Treasury amounts to £16.2m, and this makes it the biggest ever deal done in the 100 year history of the AIL scheme.

Freud’s Auerbachs acquired by the UK

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