Government Shutdown Information without Media Filters

by Rachel Baker on October 2, 2013

As a way to document the Historical Government Shutdown in the United States, we decided it was best to go to the source for what really happened rather than post stories about the shutdown as analyzed by any of the major networks or the major websites for each of the political ideologies.

First, here is the CSPAN coverage in full of what’s going on in the capital with the government shutdown. There are video links on the sidebars for both houses live as well as what the specific parties think. Further, this link is keeping track of the daily agenda for getting to a place where the government is funded again:

Here is the link to CSPAN – the link is a search result for ‘shutdown’ sorted by newest:[]=shutdown&order=newest

Here is the link to CSPAN – the link is a search result for ‘government shutdown’ sorted by newest:[]=government&all[]=shutdown&order=newest

Here is the link to CSPAN that shows the Congressional calendar. You can change the date to reflect September 30 and October 1. This will show you what happened in the final hours of discussions:

Often times, only the most volatile soundbites are used in the media, without regard to context. We hope that by providing these links, we are giving others an opportunity to educate themselves rather than letting ideologues do the educating.

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