Honk if you love the ASO

by Rachel Baker on September 28, 2014

Apparently, there is a major lockout going on in Atlanta and no one is talking about it. So, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, with less than 80 musicians, have been locked out since the beginning of the season, when the contract expired. This is not the first time a lockout and picketing happened. There was three weeks of picketing in 2012, before the musicians agreed to management’s demands.

While you may not know anything about symphonies and the closest you’ve come to listening to a symphony is the soundtrack of your favorite video game, understand this symphony (as well as many others around the country) win Grammy awards all the time for the work they do. Its important to pay attention to this because the work of these musicians touch our lives every day in ways we probably don’t realize.

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The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was scheduled to open its 70th season this week, but musicians have been locked out of their workplace since September 7th, when their contract expired. The same thing happened just two years ago. Back then, negotiators reached a new agreement before opening night. This year, Atlanta classical music fans were not so lucky.

“Honk if you love the ASO!” reads the sign that principal percussionist Thomas Sherwood is waving outside Symphony Hall in Midtown Atlanta.

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