Junot Diaz talks Publishing, Writing, Politics and Much More

by Rachel Baker on September 18, 2013

Salon has an interview with Junot Diaz in which topics cover other authors, readers, publishing, politics and his own writing. (Disclaimer: There’s a few f-bombs in the interview)

There’s a profound trivialization of literature in the way that it is used and, yes, if you’re a woman or a person of color, there are certain biases that are built in. There’s no question.

But I get people saying “I don’t like Yunior” or “I don’t like Oscar” all the time. When people say that to me, I always remind them that in the same way that I’m a more complex person when I write, you’re a more complex person when you read. The real question for me as the writer is why you’re friends with the people you’re friends with. Most of us are friends with people we don’t like, so what’s the big deal? We’re used to hanging out with people we don’t like, so this should be a familiar feeling.


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