Valley of the Dolls – Not the Book, the Place

by Rachel Baker on February 28, 2015

I absolutely HATE dolls – they creep me out; and the picture in the heading of this article falls into the category of creepiest thing in the history of the world. BUT…I’m oddly intrigued by this story.

I wish the story was written a bit differently so we understood a bit more about the woman who is making all these dolls and populating her town. Honestly, I haven’t stopped wondering about her since I saw this article. Does she have a mental health issue? Is she a bit touched? If so, what is it really that has made her do this?

The sponsored content on the site is overbearing and invasive, but if you can get past that, the pictures are interesting. If I go on holiday to Japan, I’d go see the place and meet the lady who creates all the dolls.


Here’s the Article: Nagora, Japan: Valley Of The Dolls

If all of your neighbors were replaced by dolls, what would you do?

That’s the bizarre question faced by 33 of the remaining inhabitants of the small town of Nagoro in Japan. Because the 34th resident has been busily filling the increasingly empty town with hundreds of scarecrow replicas of their former friends and family. And its a little unsettling…

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