Wearable Drones Invade SXSW as Fashion Meets Technology

by Rachel Baker on March 18, 2015

Here’s a look at some of the interesting things at SXSW.

Here’s the Article: Wearable Drones Invade SXSW as Fashion Meets Technology

Picture a stylish, blade-shaped drone on your necklace. As rain starts to fall, the device can fan out and fly above your head, spinning fast enough to keep you dry.

Or imagine a bracelet-mounted gadget that looks like a hockey puck and takes off to lead the way when you’re lost. And if you don’t mind walking city streets with a circular pad on your shoulder, consider a filter that can hover in front of your mouth automatically when air-pollution levels rise.

These futuristic concepts of wearable drones — which, though years from reality would make the Apple Watch look like a Beatles-era Timex — were dreamed up at Frog Design Inc. They will be among the topics discussed at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, from March 13 to March 17, which this year debuts a Fashion & Wearable Tech theme exploring the ties between fashion, art, culture and technology. As electronic components become smaller and manufacturing gets cheaper, sci-fi fashion is inching closer to reality.

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