Amazon Fire Phone adoption isn’t heating up

by Rachel Baker on August 20, 2014

Not for nothing, but people shouldn’t be surprised by this. Despite intent, the marketing of the Amazon Fire Phone makes it out as a phone you can get your kids where they can have the movies, apps and games they want without them using their parents’ phones.

There’s nothing exciting about this phone other than it keeps your kids off you own phone…as long as you have AT&T.

With mediocre-at-best reviews and availability only through AT&T in the U.S., it’s probably not surprising that Amazon’s Fire Phone isn’t making huge waves in the smartphone market. Despite being the bestseller on Amazon’s own cellphone site for awhile, the phone doesn’t account for much web browser traffic, according to a new report from online advertising network Chitika.

Chitika says web usage on the Fire Phone has only risen to 0.02 percent in the first 20 days after the handset launch. By comparison, the LG G3 — a similarly priced high-end handset that has earned favorable reviews — had triple the web traffic on Chitika’s network in its first 20 days. In addition to a better display and faster processor the G3 wasn’t limited to a single carrier, which surely helped the handset’s uptake.

Web usage data shows Amazon Fire Phone adoption isn’t heating up

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