Bethesda unveils the latest Doom game

by Rachel Baker on July 18, 2014

and it sounds like the fans are pretty excited about it! The name of the game will be Doom, nothing else – no Doom 4, as people once thought.

Doom is back. And it’s just plain old Doom.

Bethesda Softworks showed off a preview of its latest Doom game in front of a crowd of fans at the Quakecon 2014 event today in Dallas. The realistic 3D sci-fi shooting game will likely push the edge of animation technology, as Doom fans demand the very best in 3D graphics. The basic Doom story isn’t much. A space marine lands on Mars and finds it infested with demons who have come through a portal from Hell. So he has to wipe them out. But with each generation of Doom, the tech and graphics get better. The new game will carry the name Doom, not Doom 4 as has often rumored.

In today’s revelation, Doom executive producer Marty Stratton took the stage at Quakecon. He said it is an origin game, fast-paced, and set outside of the UAC research facility on Mars as it is being invaded by the forces of evil. This game will move much faster (60 frames per second) than Doom 3. It will have melee combat in full 1080p high-definition. You’ll be able to carry a bunch of huge weapons all at the same time. In the demo, the player ripped a demon in half, then rip his arms off. On social media, fans said that Stratton got a standing ovation.

Bethesda unveils the latest Doom game — it’s just ‘Doom’ — at Quakecon

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