Borderlands Athena – at a Glance

by Rachel Baker on May 27, 2014

There’s a really great article on IGN about Athena one of the new characters in the new Borderlands Prequel that is coming out this fall. The game story line will be from the villians’ perspective, which should amount to some interesting moral dilemmas. Also, apparently, the player will have the ability to play as Claptrap!

Borderlands is full of murderers, sociopaths, and homicidal robots. But despite that wealth of…colorful characters, one of the most exciting is Athena — the one written to be more like you and me.

“Subtle” probably isn’t the word you’d associate with Borderlands’ playable characters, like the punch-happy Brick, or Salvador, the stunted, dual-wielding Gunzerker, but it’s a little closer to what we can expect from Athena. That’s not to say she’s a slouch — far from it. She’s still a mercenary fighting for a paycheck and capable of taking down tons of enemies with tossed projectiles (see the video below!). But she’s also the moral outlier of the Pre-Sequel cast, and as such, the way she interprets Handsome Jack’s rise to power is, perhaps, a bit more human.

“[Athena is] primarily defined by characteristics that don’t stand out and slap you in the face the way a lot of characteristics do,” said Anthony Burch, one of the writers on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. “Handsome Jack is really smarmy and really arrogant and really casual. Tiny Tina is really hyperactive and really violent and all these things that are loud and in your face. Characters like Roland and Athena are stoic and respectful and Zen and samurai, and within that palette of characters, they don’t really jump out at you in the same way.”

Here’s the article:
Everything We Know About Athena in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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