If the World Were a Video Game

by Rachel Baker on June 30, 2014

If the world were a video game, what challenges would your area of the country have to suffer? Would you deal with gang hostilities, zombies, apocalyptic ghouls?

From the survival horror streets of Chicago to massively multiplayer Los Angeles, Dorkly has taken a handful of U.S. cities and described them — with uncanny accuracy — in terms of video game genres.

They describe the dangers of Chicago thusly:
“Intermittent pockets of extreme danger and safe zones. Filled with stories of an awful past, and the quiet fear that the bad times may be coming again. At times the environment can be hostile, and you must be equipped with the proper items and bravery to survive.”

Having only been in Chicago twice in my life (once for a Transformers convention), I can confirm with all false authority that this description rings true. In the same vein, having a co-worker who lives in Portland, Oregon uniquely qualifies me to validate its description as a Nintendo game.

Here’s the Article:
Which Video Game Genre Is Your City?

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