Leliana will be back in Dragon Age Inquisition

by Rachel Baker on July 3, 2014

For fans of Dragon Age, this is great news. Leliana was a playable companion character in Dragon Age: Origins and she had her own DLC, but she had a non-playable role in Dragon Age 2. It will nice to see her again and hopefully she’ll be as much a part of the story in Dragon Age: Inquisition as she was in Origins.

Look for this to come out October 7th, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition will once again feature veteran companion Leliana, though it seems her skills may have been honed somewhat in the time she’s been away.

A new profile page on the Dragon Age: Inquisition website reveals that while she was perhaps more keen on bard abilities in the past, stealthier skills may come to the fore in the next entry in the series.

Here’s the Article:
Dragon Age: Inquisition Bringing Back Leliana

and in case you haven’t seen it yet…here’s the latest trailer!

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