Minecraft: Pocket Edition Just Got Better

by Rachel Baker on July 10, 2014

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has a MAJOR update out today for Android and iOS. The update is the beginning of infinite worlds and there are new mobs, terrain generation features and biomes. You can follow the link and see a complete list of the changes/additions.

Minecraft PE’s last update landed in December, so there was (and is) a lot of hype surrounding 0.9.0. It even has its own Twitter hashtag. And with good reason! The single biggest change is the introduction of infinite worlds—whereas Pocket Edition maps were limited to a 256-by-256 block size before, now, like on the PC version, they stretch for as far as you can explore. (Though there might be certain issues if you go too far.)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Just Got A Whole Lot Better

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