Spencer Confident You will Still Buy A Kinect

by Rachel Baker on June 24, 2014

The head of Microsoft is sure you will eventually buy a Kinect even if you have an Xbox One without it. If you are a game developer, do you bank on that or do you design games without Kinect features? It will be interesting to see how the developers respond.

Microsoft’s recent, unexpected decision to offer an Xbox One without a mandatory Kinect camera peripheral will not drive developers away from the device, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

“A Kinect game relies on the successful Xbox One installed base,” Spencer told GamesIndustry. “I need to, as the head of Xbox, make sure that we’ve got a platform and a product offering that millions of consumers will love, and I stay focused on that.”

Here’s the Article:
Phil Spencer: Consumers love Kinect, they’ll still buy it

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