The Best Non-Violent Moments In Video Games

by Rachel Baker on July 1, 2014

We are much more likely to read articles about the best violent moments in video games, and while over at they’ve written that article, they have also just put together a good grouping of the best non-violent moments.

It’s tough to pinpoint my absolute favorite non-violent moment. There’s not as much of a standout as there was with violence, nothing so perfectly, punchingly punctual as Metal Gear Solid 3’s final gunshot. To be honest, I’m not really sure what that says about non-violence in games, but it’s definitely not that these moments are somehow inferior. Instead, I think we’re dealing with a plethora of factors.

For one, non-violence allows for many more different types of action (or inaction), giving me way more “apples and oranges” style options. They’re just too different for me to pluck out a single favorite, give it a gold sash, and sing it a song about how it’s more docile than a million sleeping sheep. They’re equal in my eyes, but functionally speaking they’re not even remotely similar.

Non-violence is often less direct, too. The story of many violent acts (especially in video games) can be told in a single moment. One slice, one shot, one ribcage-rattling blow to the gut. Everything reverberates out from that. Non-violence, meanwhile, isn’t quite so direct. It’s sometimes hard to distill it down to a single moment as a result.

Also, sad truth be told, it’s a less explored area in games than violence is. I think games still have a ton of room to grow with both, but violent games (at least, in the big budget space) have covered miles and miles of ground, both thematically and literally. There are more milestones, I think. More moments everyone can look back on and go, “Oh yeah, I totally remember that one.”

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The Best Non-Violent Moments In Video Games

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