Xbox Website is getting an Xbox One Update

by Rachel Baker on June 29, 2014

Okay, so maybe the website isn’t exactly getting an xbox one update, but it will be able to show more of your xbox one activity than it has in the past.

An incoming update should make being away from your Xbox One a little more bearable – starting next week, you can use the site to check Xbox One data in the form of player activity, Achievements and gameplay clips, presumably when you’re definitely not supposed to be working. The above demonstration video gives us a pretty good sense of what to expect from the update, though it probably won’t help us match Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb’s friend count.

Whether its a personal profile or a friend’s, users will be able to scroll through and play gameplay clips on a general profile, or pull up a user’s entire library of clips to look through. Comparing Achievements will function similarly to how it worked with Xbox 360 records, though drilling down to a game’s specific Achievement list will let users grab a large version of any Achievement’s artwork.

Here’s the Article: to support Xbox One gameplay clips, Achievements

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