Apple Appears to Like the September Launch date

by Rachel Baker on May 14, 2014

The best way to tell when a tech company is going to launch new products is to watch when they start restricting vacations.

As it happens, there’s reports of vacation restrictions at German retail stores for mid to late September.

And let’s be honest, a September launch is good business – September gives parents two and a half months to save up to give their children the new apple product for the holidays.

And so it begins: Following countless iPhone 6 mockup designs, rumors, and reports, Apple has now blocked off employee vacations for Sept. 15–28 at its German retail stores. The move, which should be reflected at Apple Retail Stores around the world in the near future, likely indicates that Cupertino indeed has new products incoming for the second week of September.

As reported by (via MacRumors), Apple has indeed restricted vacation time for its Apple Retail Store staff in Germany for Sept. 15–28. During the period, Cupertino is expected to release its next-generation iPhone 6 handset – or handsets – along with the next major version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8.

Apple indeed blocked off the exact same dates for AppleCare staff last year ahead of the release of its iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iOS 7.

Though most reports have suggested that we’ll see the iPhone 6 launch in September, a recent article proposed that the anticipated 4.7-inch variant of the smartphone could appear one month ahead of schedule, in August (with the 5.5-inch handset launching in September). However, given that employee vacations haven’t been restricted for August, we’d suggest that this isn’t the case.

Instead, Apple should offer a repeat of last year’s product launches and begin selling its next-generation iPhone on or around Sept. 20.

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Apple restricts Staff Vacation Times at German Retail Stores for September

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