New Rumblings Of Original Star Wars Trilogy Remaster

by Rachel Baker on August 18, 2014

This is great news for the original Star Wars fans!

These rumours have been causing ripples in the Force for a while now, but the sleuths at reckon they now have definitive word that the undadulterated, non-Special Edition original Star Wars trilogy is finally undergoing the Blu-ray remaster treatment at its new Disney home, for a release some time in the near future.

Ever since 1981, when George Lucas appended “A New Hope” to the title* of a film that generations just called Star Wars, fans have been clamouring for the non-interfered-with versions to be available again. Lucas always refused, continuing to tinker and stating categorically that his new versions were now official. We did get the originals as DVD extras a few years ago, but they were just prints ported from the old laserdiscs. Restoring the originals would, Lucas said, be prohibitively expensive because of the condition they were in. And if George Lucas thinks something is prohibitively expensive, it must be pretty damn costly indeed.

New Rumblings Of Original Star Wars Trilogy Remaster

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