Bad Publicity is Obviously Better than No Publicity

by Rachel Baker on September 13, 2014

The fact that U2’s new album is considered the ‘largest album release of all time’ means absolutely nothing, because the actual number of individual downloads can’t truly be known. Neither U2 nor Apple needed this marketing scheme to help them out and for Apple to pay more than $100 million in marketing fees on something that could have been perceived as a serious violation of privacy and storage space is ridiculous. A band’s new album is totally NOT like a network update – even if the band is U2.

If I was paying $600.00 for a phone, I’d be pretty upset that the company whose phone I owned automatically downloaded something I didn’t ask for. That’s called spamming.

U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence,’ free of charge courtesy of Apple, nets over 2 million downloads.

The “largest album release of all time” has resulted in more than 2 million downloads.

That’s according to Re/code, which reports that iTunes customers have downloaded that many copies of “Songs of Innocence.” “Songs of Innocence” is the new album by U2, which was released by Apple at last Tuesday’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event to over half a billion iTunes customers free of charge.

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