Downloading unreleased films is not cool

by Rachel Baker on July 29, 2014

Here is a really good commentary on why its not cool to download unreleased films. Its worth reading and worth pondering the next time you decide you want to see a movie for free rather than paying for it.

Also, frankly, this applies to music and books too! Stop downloading pirated copies of stuff.

This isn’t about greedy Hollywood putting the brakes on innovation, pricing out the average Joe and refusing to serve us what we want, when we want it. Nor is it really about the value of a film in the long run and how best to pay people for their art in a world continuously moving toward subscription services. That’s a similar yet separate argument more in line with a discussion about when and to what extent the industry’s DNA will need to change to address that shift.

Rather, this is about who owns something and the rights of that entity, whether it’s an indie filmmaker or a large studio, to distribute it as they see fit. We, the audience, don’t own films. We didn’t pay to have them made, did not invest our time or energy into creating them, and don’t get to dictate the terms of where and when and for how much they’re available unless we telegraph that transactionally. In other words, don’t buy the movie ticket if you don’t agree with the parameters.

Dear piracy apologists: Downloading unreleased films is not cool

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