Happiest Playlist in the World: Ed Sheeran and John Legend are Contributing

by Rachel Baker on March 17, 2015

This is kinda cool in a happy-go-lucky kinda way.

Its great that just in case you might not be able to create your own Happy Playlist, you will have the World’s happiest playlist to fall back on.

Here’s the Article: John Legend, Ed Sheeran Join U.N. to Create ‘World’s Happiest Playlist’

John Legend and Ed Sheeran have joined forces with the United Nations to create “the world’s happiest playlist” to celebrate International Day of Happiness. In partnership with music streaming service MixRadio, the U.N. has enlisted a roster of artists, including David Guetta, James Blunt, Cody Simpson and Charlize Theron, to launch its weeklong #HappySoundsLike campaign.

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