Mumford & Sons Depart from Famous Style

by Rachel Baker on March 10, 2015

I have recently started following the Noteworthy Music Blog because I like the Camryn Joy’s writing style. She reviews music in the way I read and review books. She’s down to earth and gives you the information you need to know how you are going to feel when you listen to the music she’s reviewing.

Here she tells us about the New Mumford & Sons album whihc is already known to be very different than their previous albums.

Here’s the Article: Believe It or Not: Mumford & Sons Depart from Famous Style

Apparently, Marcus Mumford was at a wedding in Texas when the song essentially just came to him and he got up and sang part of it. The rest of the crew helped piece together the song which they titled “Believe.” It seems like a weird wedding inspired song since it actually has a really depressing overlay that I usually enjoy oh-so-much. EXCEPT as a wedding song or when my mind is being blown to bits as I have to question everything I ever thought I knew about a band. “Believe” is the single for their upcoming album Wilder Mind. The track is pretty awesome, if it were, oh, say Coldplay putting out this tune, but who am I to tell musicians they can’t shake things up?

The song is stripped bare and then just breaks it down with drums and electronic guitars. And I’m like, banjos! Beards! Tambourines, oh my! What happened to M&S?!!! The group openly acknowledges that the new album is a huge departure from their previous albums.

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