Taylor Swift and the Myth of the Mean Greedy Artist

by Rachel Baker on November 12, 2014

Before you jump on the “How could Taylor Swift be so greedy” bandwagon, you should read this article.

Here’s a hint: She’s right about Spotify ripping off artists.

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This week Taylor Swift did something seemingly unremarkable. She couldn’t come to a contract agreement with a company, Spotify, so she decided to stop doing business with them. Swift’s music is still available on a half-dozen other online streaming services, to purchase digitally or physically, or to listen to free on YouTube. Yet somehow a decision to exercise a modicum of control over the art she creates caused a backlash with writers scolding Swift for insulting her fans, calling her greedy, and urging fans to refuse to buy her music.

Sure, Swift is ridiculously rich, but she is correct that Spotify is a complete rip-off for artists. This infographic shows how stark the picture is. Spotify pays as little as $00.006 a stream, meaning you’d have to play a song 167 times–or about 8 hours of music–before an artist earned a single dollar. But the point is not Spotify’s rate, the point is that Swift has every right to decide who to do business with.

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