The Holodecks are Coming! The Holodecks are Coming!

by Rachel Baker on May 17, 2014

This has the potential to be a million shades of AWESOME!

The Kinects’ video stream is merged before being fed into the Oculus headset, giving the impression of a solid 3D object.

In this instance, the object is Mr Kreylos, who can be seen sitting in a virtual office.

Low resolution and prone to glitches, the device is still an early prototype.

The three Kinects – peripherals for Microsoft’s Xbox – are positioned in an equilateral triangle to accurately capture the subject, whose image is then beamed into Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset.

Mr Kreylos is able to control the camera in such a way that he can see himself in both a first and third person perspective.

Unlike an ordinary 2D camera, the Kinect is equipped with a 3D camera, which provides the missing bits of information necessary for 3D reconstruction that a regular camera does not have.

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