Why you should think before you speak

by Rachel Baker on June 1, 2014

So, the Biebs has yet another “bad for the rep” thing happening to him right now. Apparently, there is video surfacing of him telling a racist joke – and it looks like from when he was much younger than he is now. TMZ is saying he is 15 in the video; and apparently, they’ve held on to this video for four years because he was a kid at the start of his career.

Who knows if any fallout will come from this, but it doesn’t help his reputation as all this stuff piles up.

The Moral of this story: think before you speak when the cameras are rolling – it may come back to haunt you.

Here’s the link to the story on Jezebel (which has a link to TMZ and the video) :

TMZ claims that they’ve had the video for over four years but chose not to post it because Beiber was just a kid at the beginning of his career when it was made. The site also states that Bieber knew that cameras were rolling because his own personal photographer shot the footage. According to sources connected to Bieber, there was one African-American in the room (I don’t know why anyone thought that matterered? That doesn’t make it okay…) when Justin asked his friends why black people are afraid of chainsaws. The answer, unfortunately, was not “because chainsaws are dangerous pieces of machinery that anyone who is not properly trained in should be careful with to avoid any loss of life or limb.”

Here’s the full article:
Justin Bieber Tells Horrible Racist Jokes on Camera

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