Willie Nelson To Launch Chain Of Cannabis Shops

by Rachel Baker on March 30, 2015

I suspect a whole lot of people will be watching to see how this goes…even if they don’t want to admit it.

Here’s the Article: Willie Nelson to launch chain of cannabis shops

Nelson, 81, will launch his Willie’s Reserve brand of cannabis with a number of shops located in US states where the drug has been legalised.

Marijuana lobbyist and Nelson’s business partner, Michael Bowman, recently spoke to The Daily Beast about the venture.

Bowman said: “Willie has spent a lifetime in support of cannabis, both the industrial hemp side and the marijuana side. He wants it to be something that’s reflective of his passion. Ultimately, it’s his. But it was developed by his family, and their focus on environmental and social issues, and in particular this crazy war on drugs, and trying to be a bright light amongst this trail as we’re trying to extract ourselves from the goo of prohibition. Really he wants it, at the end of the day, to envelop what his personal morals and convictions are. So from the store itself to how they’ll work with suppliers and how things are operated, it’s going to be very reflective of Willie’s life.”

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