A Mind-Bending Game Being Designed in the Open

by Rachel Baker on January 16, 2015

This a pretty cool article about a fascinating game that is being designed in a more open way than most.

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Willy Chyr is a first-time game designer, yet his debut effort, Relativity, is among the most anticipated games of 2015.

Chyr has shot to stardom by virtue of a detailed development log highlighting the game’s ups and downs. The blog, with its myriad images and insights, serves many purposes. First and foremost, it’s essential to the game’s development. “I’m still the only developer and designer on Relativity, and most days, it’s just me working alone at the computer,” he says, “The devlog helps me remember what I did, why I did it, what worked, and what didn’t.”

But the log also is an icebreaker when discussing the project with other developers. Relativity is a challenging game to describe. Chyr calls it “a first-person exploration-puzzle game set in an Escher-esque world.” That’s a lot to think about, so when Chyr asks other developers for help, shorthand is helpful. “There’s so much information to catch up on that the conversation ends up being too vague to be helpful,” he says. “Even if I’m talking to someone unfamiliar with the project, I can bring up specific posts of the devlog, and we can jump straight into the details.”

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