Arab Twitter users dislike Iran even more than they dislike the US

by Rachel Baker on September 27, 2014

So, yeah…there’s that.

This is a pretty cool article because it talks about a technology that was used to analyze millions of Arabic-language tweets to gauge anti-Americanism.

The takeaway: you’d be a fool to think your tweets aren’t being analyzed for anti-American sentiments – Arabic language or not. No proof, just sayin’.

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Using a tool created by the social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon, researchers from Princeton and Harvard analyzed millions of Arabic-language tweets from 2012 and 2013 to gauge anti-Americanism in the region. They examined Arab reaction to events such as Hurricane Sandy, the firestorm over the “Innocence of Muslims video,” the Boston Marathon bombing, and the removal of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

The researchers found that Arabs overwhelmingly had a negative view of Washington’s interventions in the region (in the case of Egypt, only 4% of tweets were pro-US). But when they examined a further estimated 27 million tweets geared toward Iran, they found an even deeper level of animosity.

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