DNA linked to how much coffee you drink…maybe

by Rachel Baker on October 7, 2014

Scientists have been able to identify the genes that might play a roll in determining how much coffee you drink throughout the day. Of course, there’s nothing definitive, so its all seemingly theoretical. The researchers state that being able to identify the genes will allow doctors to help people cut down…

…but wait, we are going to modify people’s genes to help them cut down on caffeine? Shouldn’t we really start with alcohol or cocaine and heroin first? And, then, doesn’t this become a really slippery slope about gene modification? And let’s say the DNA sequence responsible for how I deal with caffeine and how much of it I have every day is changed…wouldn’t that feasibly affect how other things relate to that specific DNA strand? Am I still the same person if someone has changed my DNA makeup?

Lots of questions, no answers…I’m gonna go make a fresh pot of coffee while I ponder this.

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