Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Women, And The Remarkable Ordinary

by Rachel Baker on November 18, 2014

If you are a Dragon Age fan, you will already know the game came out today at midnight. You will also have been introduced to some of the women already. Here is a look at the women you will meet in the game Dragon Age Inquisition – and it is spoiler free.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s women, and the remarkable ordinary.

There’s this scene early in Dragon Age: Inquisition when you, as the Herald of Andraste, gather your advisors around the war table and talk about what the Inquisition’s next move should be. Your council is a pretty savvy lot. You’ve got a Seeker of the Chantry, wise in the ways of the church; a Spymaster, with eyes and ears seemingly everywhere in Thedas; an Ambassador, who understands the necessity of playing politics; and an ex-Templar, training soldiers for those times that diplomacy and manipulation aren’t enough. It’s not actually that important of a scene, as the war table serves as the menu for choosing side missions that earn you extra goodies like Inquisition perks and coin, so you’ll see your posse take their places around the table quite frequently. What struck me, though, is that in my version of the game, four out of the five people at the table are women.

It’s not a big deal. Nobody takes a moment to comment on how the leaders of the Inquisition are primarily female. Cullen, in charge of of the soldiers, doesn’t offer a monologue on what it’s like to take orders from so many lovely ladies. It’s just how it is. Cassandra, Leliana, Josephine and my own Cordelia are just the folks who happened to all come together to form the Inquisition, and they all just happen to be women. Barely worthy of a shrug, let alone a conversation.

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