ESPN Without Cable

by Rachel Baker on January 6, 2015

Here is a really interesting about ESPN and not needing to be part of a cable bundle. Its pretty interesting. The author of the article is discussing his past articles and how his predictions have come to be incorrect.

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In 2012, I wrote a column for The Atlantic magazine explaining why Americans were prisoners of the cable bundle. We could dream about escaping $90-a-month fees for hundreds of channels we didn’t need, but such flights of imagination were, in the short term, hopeless, due to the arrangement of the pay-TV business and fruitful economics of bundling. In 2013, I wrote another column explaining how ESPN had become perhaps the most lucrative entertainment company in the world by gleaning $5 a month from every cable-watching household, even those that had never watched a second of SportsCenter.

Two years ago, cable television stretched like a massive arch across the entertainment landscape and ESPN was its keystone. The future, I said, would probably look a lot like the present. Architects don’t carelessly part with their keystones. Cable wasn’t going anywhere.

Well, two and a half years later, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m beginning to look like an idiot. On Monday, ESPN announced that it’s teaming up with Dish to offer a new Web-only product, Sling TV, that will allow viewers to stream a small bundle of channels including ESPN for just $20. The worldwide leader in sports joins HBO and CBS (including Showtime) in giving cord-cutters a way to watch their channels without buying the full cable package.

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