Explore Alien Oceans with Civilization: Beyond Earth

by Rachel Baker on May 18, 2015

Explore Alien Oceans with Civilization: Beyond Earth

The first major expansion, Rising Tide, will allow you to explore the oceans on alien planets. There will also be four new factions, and many of the new features came directly from player feedback.

Should be a great addition to the game.

Here’s the inspiration:Civilization: Beyond Earth’s first expansion lets you explore alien oceans

Last year’s Civilization: Beyond Earth was an interesting twist for the venerable strategy series: it took what has been a historical simulation and transformed it into a game about settlers surviving the new frontier of space. It featured giant sand worms, hypercomputers, and augmented humans. But for some, it just wasn’t sci-fi enough. “One of the biggest criticisms that we got was that the game didn’t go far enough, that there was a lot of potential for it to be even more audacious, more sci-fi, more different from the historical Civ games,” says co-lead designer David McDonough.

The solution was out in the oceans.

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