Feedly and Evernote Down due to Distributed Denial Of Service -DDoS- Attacks

by Rachel Baker on June 11, 2014

A great many people woke up this morning to check their personalized news and found they couldn’t. Right now, feedly and evernote is down, but the problem is being worked and should be back up some time this afternoon, if not earlier.

Solutions take time though, so be patient and go to an actual news site if you need to get your news right now.

You may have noticed that you can’t access the website or load any of your feeds via the app. Feedly explained in a short message two hours ago that the DDoS perpetrator is holding Feedly to ransom and asking for money to stop the attack, Feedly has refused to comply.

CEO of Feedly, Edwin Khodabakchian, said in a short statement: “Criminals are attacking feedly with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). The attacker is trying to extort us money to make it stop. We refused to give in and are working with our network providers to mitigate the attack as best as we can.”

Here’s the full article:
Feedly and Evernote Go Down As Attackers Demand Ransom

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