Gamergate: the ins and outs, Twitter’s role, and why you should denounce it

by Rachel Baker on October 9, 2014

This is a really great article by The Verge on why you should stop supporting Gamergate.

Stop supporting Gamergate .

Gamergate is distinguished, like so many other things ending in -gate (or more recently, -ghazi), by its aggressive and desperate tone. Its supporters have largely attempted to scare anyone, but especially women, who have asked the same critical questions about the video game industry that are routinely posed in other communities. Critics of video games and Gamergate itself have been branded as liars, sluts, and co-conspirators.

And just in case you care, here’s an article about why #gamergate proves that twitter is broken.

And just in case you are now completely interested in Gamergate and wonder where it all came from, here’s a great rundown from three days ago that shows what’s happening in Gamergate.

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