Happy 40th Anniversary Jaws

by Rachel Baker on May 31, 2015

This sort of seems like an odd move in the age of Netflix and online streaming, but hey, celebrate the big 4-o any which way you want, Jaws! I hope tons of people turn out for the movie theatre showing on June 21st and June 24th.

Here’s the article:‘Jaws’ Heading Back to Theaters for 40th Anniversary

Four decades later, it’s still not safe to go back in the water. Jaws, Steven Spielberg’s seminal 1975 summer blockbuster, is returning to theaters for a limited release to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fathom Events will screen the movie – with a special introduction from TCM Weekend Daytime host Ben Mankiewicz – on Sunday, June 21st and Wednesday, June 24th, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. local time at theaters across the U.S.

Spielberg’s second feature film as director was co-written by Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb and adapted from Benchley’s 1974 novel of the same title. The film stars Roy Scheider as Martin Brody, the police chief of fictional New England resort town Amity Island, where a killer great white shark has left the people in terror. Brody is joined by an oceanographer (Richard Dreyfuss) and shark hunter (Robert Shaw) in an attempt to bring down the beast.

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