Hendo is a hoverboard that wants to change the world

by Rachel Baker on October 21, 2014

This is a pretty cool ‘Back-to-the-Future’ sort of story that really does seem to have the ability to change the way we deal with natural disasters.

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This is the Hendo, the namesake of an inventor named Greg Henderson, and it’s really more of a technology demo than something that’s going to get you to work in the morning. Right now it’s effectively a parlor trick, and it apparently only works in parlors lined with a one of a small set of metals. But Henderson, who co-founded the hoverboard’s parent company Arx Pax with his wife Jill, imagines the technology that’s inside it could become a solution for keeping buildings from getting destroyed in floods and earthquakes by simply lifting them up. They also say that it could serve as a replacement for the systems that currently levitate maglev trains.

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