How a Tweet Turned Into the Best New Multiplayer Game in Years

by Rachel Baker on January 31, 2015

This is fascinating. I’d not heard of this multiplayer game, but the inception of the game is interesting.

Read the Article: How a Tweet Turned Into the Best New Multiplayer Game in Years

One of the weirdest, coolest, most hyped multiplayer games in years is here, and it started with a tweet:

“Contemplating building a game entirely with friends on twitter/fb. Totally open and ‘Mad Lib’ style. Could be fun or totally awful.”

The tweet, posted by Mike Mika a little more than a year ago, was followed by another. It showed a crude red box among white and gray platforms.

“Where to go with this?” it read. “I’ve started a new project, it draws a red box. Thinking platformer. #helpmedev.”

Mika is not a big name in games. He’s the design director at Other Ocean Interactive, a company known largely for porting other studios’ games to new platforms. So it’s no surprise his cryptic tweet elicited just three responses. Then Tim Schafer, the cofounder and creative director of indie powerhouse Double Fine, chimed in.

“I think the red box needs to make a critical choice, and the narrative flows from there,” he tweeted to his 236,000 followers.

With that, development began.

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