How Microsoft Appointed Itself Sheriff of the Internet

by Rachel Baker on October 20, 2014

This is a very interesting article about Microsoft’s efforts to decrease malware networks and hackers. While this is a commendable practice by Microsoft, it seems they may need to reassess some of the procedures related to the hacker takedowns.

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Boscovich and Microsoft have executed the same basic maneuver a dozen times over the past six years. The end-game is always the same: Microsoft wants to stop criminal activity and clean up infected systems. The company has derailed some pretty sleazy operations, but that’s not the case with No-IP, a healthy business with a wide range of customers.

Microsoft says it needs to wield this kind of extreme power to keep the Internet safe. It’s part of determined attitude towards security that has pervaded the software giant since its Windows operating systems were attacked by a series of malicious internet worms more than a decade ago—an attitude that, in some respects, the company should be commended for. It has helped make the Internet a better place. But some now worry the company has gone too far, acting as a kind of all-powerful internet sheriff, willing to shutdown legitimate companies as well as bad actors in its quest for online security.

Though the No-IP incident is now resolved, Boscovich says that Microsoft still plans to go after malware networks.

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