How the Klingon and Dothraki Languages Conquered Hollywood

by Rachel Baker on October 4, 2014

Here’s a great article on the impact of Klingon and Dothraki on Hollywood Science Fiction.

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One great strength of science fiction is that it creates new worlds. The downside is that creating new worlds is hard. Many science fiction films cut corners, falling back on convenient but scientifically dubious notions such as that faster-than-light travel is no big deal, or that aliens all look like (and can mate with) humans, or that everyone in the galaxy speaks English. For the most part science fiction fans have had to grit their teeth and suspend disbelief, but one recent trend offers hope: The rising use of constructed languages, or “conlangs,” for movie aliens.

“Not having them talk to you in a Brooklyn accent or use Valley slang from Southern California helps transport you into that world,” says Lawrence M. Schoen, director of the Klingon Language Institute. “And I think that Hollywood has seen that’s very effective, and is a lot cheaper than CGI.”

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