How to Fix Twitter

by Rachel Baker on October 29, 2014

Here are some interesting ideas that would make Twitter a better tool.

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Then Twitter announced that it has already started “experimenting” with a timeline algorithm. This isn’t the algorithm that had been most feared—one that conceals tweets you’d otherwise see—but rather one that shows you selected tweets from people you don’t follow. Still, the handwriting is on the wall. Twitter, under pressure from investors to accelerate its growth, is looking for ways to change things.

Fine, Twitter, change things. But how about this: Instead of changing things people like about you (e.g. that users are in complete control of what they see), maybe you should change things people don’t like about you. I have an idea about how to do that—how to make Twitter more valuable to users and, in the process, generate enough revenue so that slavish Facebook emulation won’t be necessary. Plus, I think the change I have in mind might make the world a better place.

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