How to Tweet Like a Robot on Mars

by Rachel Baker on October 13, 2014

This is a really cool space/science/tech story. If you haven’t started following @NASAVoyager, @MarsPhoenix, @MarsCuriosity, and MarsOrbiter, you totally should!

How to Tweet Like a Robot on Mars.

The @NASAVoyager account isn’t the only spacecraft with a social-media presence—the agency had been launching account after account for almost every mission. There’s the far more popular @MarsCuriosity, for the friendly rover scouring the surface of the Red Planet, the stoic @CassiniSaturn, representing the spacecraft photographing the planet and its rings, and @MarsRovers, tweeting as both the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

But first-person—or rather, first-spacecraft—tweeting as a lonely, wandering machine isn’t easy. What personality does a rover have, anyway? It turns out, when it comes to space-bound robotic personas, people want some combination of personality and information. Followers need a balanced diet of tweets offering both regular, detailed updates and a relatable character.

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