Humanoid Fighting Robots Could Become a Reality

by Rachel Baker on November 6, 2014

This could probably happen with $1.8 million – and the engineers who founded MegaBots, Inc are kickstarting the project.

My question is why are they not tapping a government grant? Doesn’t this seem like exactly the type of thing someone in the military would want?!

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Remember Robot Wars? That show where shy men with ponytails spent all their free time welding circular saws to robots, only for something called Sergeant Bash to come along and set them on fire?

Well, it’s back. Kind of. Instead of Craig Charles and some moving, shoebox-sized bits of metal, there will be 15-foot-tall, seven-ton, walking, talking robots that shoot each other. The founders of MegaBots Inc.–engineers Andrew Stroup, Gui Cavalcanti, and Matt Oehrlein–want to place a human controller in the cockpit of each of their monster creations, before letting them spar it out in front of a stadium audience.

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