Krispy Kreme and Sony Pictures Team Up for 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters Movie

by Rachel Baker on September 18, 2014

Its perfectly okay if you set your alarms on your device(s) to go off on the morning of September 29th to remind you to swing by Krispy Kreme and pick up some Ghostbusters and Stay Puft Marshmellow Doughnuts.

And don’t forget to mark the best route between your house, the location of the nearest Krispy Kreme (just put in your zip code at the top), and school or work.

Krispy Kreme marks 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters

As part of the promotion, two new marshmallow Kreme-filled doughnuts have been introduced to the Krispy Kreme menu. The Ghostbusters and Stay Puft Marshmallow Doughnuts will be available Sept. 29 through Oct. 31 at participating Krispy Kreme US and Canadian locations.

From now through Sept. 29, pre-orders of five dozen or more Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Doughnuts can be made.

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