Lady-friendly Favorite Movies on Netflix for February

by Rachel Baker on February 11, 2015

Maybe you’ve already signed that long-term contract and there’s no real appeal to the Valentine’s Day “thing”. Or. Maybe you’ve decided its better to stay in with your girlfriends than to go out to the bars on Valentine’s day.

Either way, you may be looking for an awesome lady friendly movie or movies to spend the evening watching; whether its cuddling on the couch with your love mate, or making tapas and sipping a wonderful wine your best pals. Netflix has posted the February list of movies and Bust has published the most lady-friendly from the list.

Enjoy your night.

Here’s the Inspiring Link/Article: Netflix Has New Releases Out For February And These Are Our Lady-Friendly Faves

Ahh, doesn’t the promise of another six weeks of winter just warm your heart?

Yeah, it doesn’t for us, either. With the weather outlook remaining bleak for the upcoming holiday weekend, it might be time to settle in next to a laptop and queue up some of the latest flicks arriving on Netflix.

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